Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Season 06 -- Episode 02 -- September 04, 2011

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This week, the Mouse Lounge celebrates Labor Day with a special labor of love, a glide-thru Disneyland.

Now allow me to take just a moment to explain the Glide-thru.  Most of us have heard many different live recordings of attractions and shows from the parks.  Often, these include dialogue with the host and his guests.  

The Glide-thru allows you to take in the soundscape with only the sounds of the park, as you would hear it if you were somehow floating through the park by yourself, allowing you to take in details of the ambience.  So far that may sound somewhat familiar, but the Glide-thru is crafted such so you will also enjoy a show, attraction, or live music performance during the journey, always something special.  

You never know where you’ll start, or where you’ll end up, but the Glide-thru will always be entertaining as you float through the parks on the breeze of the stereoscape.

What you are about to hear was recorded Saturday, September 3rd, Labor Day weekend 2011.  Imagine it’s the last hurrah of summer in the mid afternoon.  The park is full of happy guests on a beautiful summer day.  There’s an electric energy in the air you can actually hear.


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