Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Season 06 -- Episode 06 -- November 22, 2011

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This week, the Mouse Lounge goes from Jungle to Jungle!

 First, Liana and I go Behind the Mickey Bar to discuss Jungle Book, the film then we chat about the Jungle Cruise, the attraction.

 Then, from BBC Radio, Phil Jupitus gets down to the Bare Necessities with the last of his five part series on the work of Walt Disney, in Disnified.

 Next, in From the Vault: Most fans of Disney animated features have seen the Jungle Book and remember how it ends, with Baghera and Baloo the Bear dancing into the sunset.  But!  On Disneyland’s Little Long Playing record, “More Jungle Book” your story reader, Robie Lester tells you the epilogue of the story. 

 The Jungle Book just wouldn’t be the favorite it has become without the songs that run throughout the film.  The Sherman Brothers talk about how Walt got them involved in the show and the songs they wrote… and the ones they didn’t!

 Most fans can’t imagine Jungle Book, or for that matter The Aristocats or Robin Hood without the remarkable, indelible voice of Phil Harris.  Learn about this bandleader, comedian, radio and film star in this Mouse Lounge Mini Documentary.

 Each show we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West.    Enjoy this experience down the rivers of the world in the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise.

 We close the show, first with a rare duet.  From Disney’s Wonderful World of Color 25th Anniversary special, Phil Harris is joined by Scatman Caruthers for a medley only this duo could sing.  We wrap things up with Harry Connick Jr.’s  swingin’ arrangement of the Bare Necessities.

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