Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Episode 011 -- October 12, 2006

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Mouse Lounge -- Episode 011 -- October 12, 2006 A weekly podcast featuring Disney entertainment and business news, live audio from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and From the Vault, presenting terrific archival audio from Disney films, television, radio broadcasts and Disneyland Records.

This week in the Mouse Lounge, another Kissimmee Comfort Suites edition of the Mouse Lounge. Fantastic audio about the Lilly Belle Riverboat.

First, take an audio tour of the vessel, with every clank, click, hiss, whirr, and rumble inundating your senses. Then, cast off and listen to Mark Twain narrate as he navigates the Rivers of America.

*Bonus Track*
Recorded TODAY (Thursday, October 12) in the Canadian Pavillion! The last track of Off Kilter's 5:30 set! The entire performance will appear on a future show.

Once settled into my new digs out West, fresh full-size shows will resume. I've some excellent material in the pipe.

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-Gary Chambers-
-=The Mouse Lounge-=

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