Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Epsiode 021 -- February 02, 2007

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Mouse Lounge -- Epsiode 021 -- February 02, 2007 (((HEADPHONES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)))

This week in the Mouse Lounge: A full docket of Disney News from our departments Entertainment, Theme Parks East, Theme Parks West, News from the Ships, and Business

Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record. This week we present what we call, Swing Disney; several shorts culled from the forties that have a beat you can dance to! We start out with, All the Cats Join In, then Benny Goodmans After Youve Gone, both from Make Mine Music. Then from Melody Time the Andrews Sisters sing about Little Toot and then we join Donald and Joe Carioca and that wacky Araquan as they Blame it on the Samba.

This week in Disney Parks West, we slide all the way to the back of the park on a dead night in Toontown and experience, Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin. The queue (not the queue line!) was almost empty so listen carefully for the story setup as we wander through.

From the Disney Family Museum; With Disneyland now running smoothly, Walt sought new challenges and found it when Pamela Travers finally agreed to let Walt film her classic tale of Mary Poppins.

From Disney Parks East, we take a classic adventure aboard, The Jungle Cruise. With a hysterically pithy skipper on board, this trip around the rivers of the world is a real hoot! Listen carefully for a simultaneous homage to Paul Barrie and a cough drop.

Each week we feature a unique take on Disney music. On this podcast: We take a musical journey traversing the world. From EPCOTs ground breaking parade that ran during the millennium celebration, we are reminded that America is among, a Tapestry of Nations.


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