Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Epsiode 028 -- July 4, 2007

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Mouse Lounge -- Epsiode 028 -- July 4, 2007 (((HEADPHONES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)))

This week, the Mouse Lounge discovers the magic that lives down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. Also on the show, a full docket of Disney News from our departments Entertainment, Theme Parks East, Theme Parks West, and Business.

Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record: This week, from 1950s an Hour in Wonderland we head over to the Disney Studios with Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, and Mortimer Snerd and have a visit with Walt, Kathy Beaumont, Bobby Driscoll, and the Magic Mirror, played by the brilliant Hans Conried. This special unites for the first time the three leads from Peter Pan, released three years later.

Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East and a Disney Park West. This week in Disney Parks West, we present our featured attraction, Alice in Wonderland

From the Disney Family Museum; learn about the magic of Walts original Fantasyland.

From Disney Parks East we head over to the Magic Kingdom during the Pirates and Princess Party and take in the Magic, Music and Mayhem fireworks spectacular.

Each week we feature a unique take on Disney music. On this podcast, take in the history then enjoy the music from Disneylands, Believe…Theres Magic in the Stars


Gary Chambers
The Mouse Lounge
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