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Mouse Lounge Supplemental: An Evening in World Showcase (((HEADPHONES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)))

I consider this show supplemental because it doesn't even remotely resemble the Mouse Lounge format.

In this departure, we take a clockwise musical tour of most countries in World Showcase, sampling live music from each. I have selected what I consider to be the best from each set recorded last week.

Mexico: Mariachi Cobre All the musicians in this group are outstanding vocalists. The soloists in this number are fantastic examples.

Norway: Spellmans Gledge While the audience wasnt exactly enthusiastic, there is no shortage of musicianship in this group. The double-bass player was using a decrepit old thing that sounded wonderful!

China: Si Xian Anne plays a modern 21-string floor standing harp. About the size of a pedal steel guitar with both nylon and steel strings, this instrument sings in her capable hands.

Germany: Oktoberfest Musikanten What can I say...Uber Oom-pa-pa!

America: The Voices of Liberty Among the finest a capella groups I have yet heard, under the dome they sound absolutely spectacular!

Japan: Matsuriza Taiko drumming that takes your breath away. See this fine group live whenever possible.

Morocco: Mo Rockin Ethnic Moroccin rhythms fused with jazz and rock to create a sound that is utterly unique. This track features an absolutely incredible electric bass solo. The lead vocals are a bit hot (saturated) in this recording but the instrumentals more than make up for the technical shortfall. Listen for a foreshadowing to the next group, which is...

United Kingdom: British Invasion Pure unadulterated kitsch, but great musicianship and loads of fun.

Canada: Off Kilter The band was completely ON this night, and they closed out their set with a wicked jig.

World Showcase Lagoon: Illuminations I wasn't happy with the raw, live Illuminations: Reflections of Earth audio. So, what you'll hear is a synchronized mix of live and on board (pre-recorded) audio to get the best of both!

Five For Fighting: World A fitting tribute to World Showcase and a fine conclusion to the show.


_________________ Gary Chambers =-The Mouse Lounge-=

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