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Mouse Lounge Supplemental: Spaceship Earth Preview (December 9, 2007)
Season Two kicks off with a preview of the all new Spaceship Earth from Epcot.

It took three days and nearly six hours of diligent waiting during Mousefest for this recording to become a reality.  From my point of view Disney brass has made it very clear to cast members that they are not to divulge any details as to when the attraction will preview or for how long.  In truth, they may not know!  This evening (Sunday) the attraction walls were well staffed with low level CMs answering the incessant question.

VIPs clearly are being allowed privileged sneak peeks and guests are being brought in on a pacify the masses basis. 

The attraction is not yet finished.  Perhaps Disney is relying upon the feedback from podcasts such as this to learn which direction to take in order to put the finishing touches on the work.  As focus groups and preview audiences are the norm in motion pictures it would make sense that the Mouse would like to know what you think of the current incarnation of this work in progress.

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