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Mouse Lounge -- Epsiode 029 -- January 10, 2008 (((HEADPHONES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)))

This week, the Mouse Lounge trips on Latin rhythms and purdy girls. Also on the show, a full docket of Disney News from departments Entertainment, Theme Parks East, Theme Parks West, and Business.

Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record: This week, listen to Decca Records three disk collection from Saludos Amigos. This is a rare opportunity to hear the original soundtrack sans sound effects and dialogue. Check out the multimedia section of to download side five, Tico Tico.

Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East and a Disney Park West. This week from Disney Parks East we head over to Epcot and cruise with Donald, Jose, and Panchito on the Gran Fiesta Tour!

From the Disney Family Museum; Walt shares his thoughts about the South America handshaking tour that turned into a fabulous filming opportunity. We then hear part of a WOR New York interview from 1947 with Jinx from the Tex and Jinx Show about how she and Walt met in Mexico. There’s an undercurrent in this interview that makes me extremely jealous.

In Disney Parks West we head into Tomorrowland and take a ride on Space Mountain.

Each week we feature a unique take on Disney music. On this podcast try to keep from dancing to Perfect World from the Emporers New Groove.

Now, please keep your head, arms, feet and legs inside the podcast at all times. Driver you are clear!


Gary Chambers
The Mouse Lounge
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