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In this episode, the Mouse Lounge salutes America… Disney style!

 Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record.  This week, from the 1980 Disneyland Record #2511 “Yankee Doodle Mickey” have a listen to Mickey and the gang performing You’re a Grand Old Flag and the Armed Forces Melody.  Listen carefully, that’s Wayne Allwine as Mickey, three years before he officially inherited the roll from Jimmy McDonald in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. 

 Yankee Doodle Mickey was given the CD treatment in 2002.  While several songs from the original LP were removed, at the time The American Adventure hosted an a capella group called, “American  Vybe.”  Their studio rendition of America the Beautiful is featured here.

 From the Walt Disney Archives:  In 2004 Leonard Maltin met with John Hench, at the time, Disney’s longest-term employee, and discusses how after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Burbank studio was instantly turned into a base for the military.  Then, Walt's nephew recalls his boyhood memories of the Disney studio during the war and also touches on the Disney insignia's popularity and his own method of promoting Victory Through Air Power.

 Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West.   This week we look into the making of and then take in the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents.  With new narration by Morgan Freeman and a short speech by President Obama, this iteration of the attraction in a class by itself.

 We'll close this week’s show with a concert in the park performed by the Disneyland Band.  Enjoy, “Music in America” followed by the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

 Please keep your head, arms, feet and legs inside the podcast at all times.  Driver you’re clear!

 Let's reflect on this holiday by heeding Walt Disney, who spoke the following words at the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City in 1941, as America tumbled into World War II:

 "Tomorrow will be better. For as long as America keeps alive the ideas of freedom and a better life, all men will want to be free and share our way of life. I thank God and America for the right to live and raise my family under the flag of tolerance, democracy and freedom."

 The Mouse Lounge is a fan-based podcast and is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its subsidiaries.  Non factual statements made by the Mouse Lounge hosts, Gary Chambers and his guests are their current opinions only and are subject to change without notice.  All copyrighted material used with permission or under the Fair Use Doctrine in Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act.  Although the information in this program is believed to be reliable, Mr. Chambers, and do not make any representations or warranties as to its accuracy or completeness, nor do they assess, verify or guarantee the suitability of information.

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