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Show: Mouse Lounge Mix: World of Color  S04E05 06-11-2010

Attraction (Disneyland): Alice in Wonderland  S04E06 06-23-2010

Live Performance: Disneyland Band (Music From America) S04E07 06-30-2010

Attraction (DCA): Mouse Lounge Mix - California Screamin' S04E08 07-07-2010

Archive: The Magic Skyway (Narrated by Walt Disney) - S04E10 07-21-2010

Attraction (EPCOT): Futureworld - Test Track S04E10 07-21-2010

Music: "The Monorail Song" from A Musical History Of Disneyland S05E02 09-12-2010

Disney Film History: The Story Behind "Pinocchio" S05E02 10-04-2010

Gems From the Vault: Bing Crosby "The Ride of the Headless Horseman" S05E06 10-17-2010

Live Performance (DCA) Laserman from ElecTRONica!  S05E09 11-14-2010

Music: Pogo "Wishery" S05E09 11-14-2010

Evening Spectacular: Disneyland Castle Lighting Ceremony / Believe in Holiday Magic S05E10 12 12 2010

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