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Disneyland's, "Mark Twain Riverboat"!

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This week on the Mouse Lounge, we have an e-ticket to adventure with Indiana Jones!


Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record.   This week, we dust off a 30 year-old See… Hear… Read record of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You’ll know it’s time to turn the page when you hear the crack of a bullwhip!


From the Walt Disney Archives:  From the depths of the archives in a box labeled “Do Not Open Under Penalty of Death” is a VHS copy of a 1995 television special, “The Making of Indiana Jones.”  While we can’t subject… I mean show you the video… you’ll get a very real feel for what passes as infotainment in the mid nineties.


Next: Belly up to the Mickey Bar with Liana, as she and I chat, laugh, and generally carry on before finally arriving at the topic at hand, the Indiana Jones Adventure.


Each show we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West.   This week we delve into the treacherous adventure behind the eyes of Mara in Disneyland’s The Indiana Jones Adventure!


We'll close this week’s show sans sounds effects of nuked refrigerators, truck what trucks, or the Wilhelm scream with an unadulterated and unabridged symphonic masterpiece, The Raiders March… else knows as the theme, of Indiana Jones!

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