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This episode, the Mouse Lounge proffers a plethora of percussion!

But first, we go Behind the Mickey Bar, as Liana and I talk about our upcoming meet at Westfest 2012 and then delve into Disney news.

Next, a Mouse Lounge Special Feature:  The BBCs Russell Davis looks at how the archives have treated to the two faces of Walt Disney.  Uncle Walt, who brought laughter and pleasure to millions, and… the rather tough businessman and social engineer. Enjoy the third of a five part series, Double Disney.

Then, from the Disney Archives:  From the January 30, 1966 episode of Wonderful World of Color, Professor Ludwig von Drake introduces us to the art of Jazz and the swinging short subject, After You’ve Gone from the 1946 package film, Make Mine Music!

Then, from Vault Disney:  A few weeks ago I played a Disneyland Record, A Child’s Introduction to Melody based on the short, Toot Whistle, Plunk, and Boom.  Well your response was overwhelmingly positive but you asked, What about the original cartoon?   The short was originally released to theaters in 1953 and made use of the then new widescreen format and novel stereophonic sound.  It finally found life on DVD when it was released early on in the Walt Disney Treasures series called, Disney Rarites and I present the entire short for you here.   If you’ve never seen it, you can find it on youtube, albeit with rather poor audio quality.  Still, it’s absolutely worth seeing.

Then, from the original Mickey Mouse Club in 1956, the Firehouse Five + 2 join the Mouseketeers for a rip roarin’ Dixieland good time!  Listen carefully during The Tiger Rag, that’s Cubby O’Brien on the skins in a wicked awesome solo!

Each show we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West.  Percussion in the parks was brought front and center last year, drum line and all with the introduction of Disneyland’s, Soundsational parade.  Have a listen to this drumming infused Mouse Lounge remix!

Then, we head over to Epcot where even the street sweepers must take a break and form, the Jamitors.

We’ll close the show with a pair of percussive tracks from Tarzan, first the original “Trashin’ the Camp” from the original soundtrack, then the rich harmony laced pop cover featuring Phil Collins and *Nsync.  Lastly, as a special bonus, a battle of the drummers between the Muppets, Animal, and Travis Barker as he guests with the Electric Mayhem on Jimmy Kimmel live performing Can You Picture That!

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