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From the Disney Archives:  In 1949 Disney was hard at work on another princess film which could make or break the studio, Cinderella.  Ilene Woods, who provided the singing and speaking voice of Cinderella, and Eleanor Audley, famous as the step mother and later nine years later, Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty take on the roles of Snow White and the Wicked Queen in this RCA Victor Little Nipper storybook album, narrated by Dennis Day.

In those days before the existence of Disneyland Records, it was common for other labels to license the songs, score, and narration of a Disney film.  Some, like this one were brilliant, utilizing talent from the Disney canon and top notch bandleaders, Paul Smith in this case.  This is a version of Snow White like you’ve never heard it before… but no less enjoyable!

From Vault Disney:   Familiar clips have been excerpted and featured in several DVDs and television specials, but in reality were part of a ½ hour interview conducted by Fletcher Markle who directed The Incredible Journey for Walt.  It aired on the CBC in 1963 and has seldom been seen nor heard in its entirety since.  Until now.

From the Studio Morgue:  This episode we unearth the now legendary soup eating sequence from Snow White.  It was supervised by one of Disney’s legendary nine old men, Ward Kimball.

Each show we present a high definition ride-through from Disneyland, DCA, or Walt Disney World.  This week, with the recent closure of one of the Magic Kingdom’s original attractions, it’s time to do a compare and contrast of the two versions of Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  We’ll take in first the Disneyland version, then fly off to the East Coast for one of the last performances of the same attraction, recorded in April of last year.

We'll close this week’s show with a  grab bag of cover tunes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Who you’re hearing will be in the show notes on

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