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Mouse Lounge -- S08E03 -- December 24, 2014



The Mouse Lounge Holiday Special!  Bringing to your ears the gorgeous aural synergy of Christmas and Disney!


Gary Chambers

The Mouse Lounge

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In this episode, we continue our special feature:  Part 4 of 5 of Double Disney. 

From the Wonderful World of Color, listen to Walt as he discusses from his space age perspective, humanities exploration into space. 

From the Disneyland Records Vault:  Take a trip into the Star Wars universe, in “Droid World.”

From the Attraction Morgue:  We’ll enjoy the attractions that previously occupied Disneyland’s Tomorrowland south building, “Journey Into Inner Space” and the original Star Tours.

The Mouse Lounge Ride Through Experience is a recent binaural recording from Star Tours:  The Journey Continues.

From the Film Archives:  We segue from space to Christmas in this unlikely pairing of the holiday season and Star Wars.  

In the Show Experience, the latest version of World of Color:  Winter Dreams.

This is a Mouse Lounge re-mix, blending the best of both the 2013 edition and 2014 revision for an unprescedented listening experience.  The, "Let It Go" sequence cannot be heard like this anywhere else!


Your Host: Gary Chambers

(805) 270-5785

The Mouse Lounge

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