Mouse Lounge Podcast : Mouse Lounge -- Season 05 -- Episode 06 -- October 18, 2010

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Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record.   This week we present a Halloween triple treat!   First up; from 1929, the very first Silly Symphony cartoon.  Have a listen to, The Skeleton Dance.   

Next, from 1949’s Ichabod and Mr. Toad, the last of the so-called, “package films,” we feature a clip from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow where Bing Crosby explains in song that you can’t reason with a headless man.

And finally, experience side one of "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House".

From the Walt Disney Archives:  Enjoy the theme, to 1982s “Disney’s Halloween Treat!”

Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West.   This week, from Disneyland, enjoy the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

We'll close this week’s show with a pair of tracks from the Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD, featuring the complete Hallowishes and Disney’s Villain Mix and Mingle!






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