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Merry Christmas from the Mouse Lounge!!




"A Christmas Adventure in Disneyland"

 Source: Disneyland Records DQ-1355 ©1973


"A Muppet Family Christmas (Finale)"

 Source: A Muppet Family Christmas ©1988


"The Country Bears Christmas Special"

 Source: A Musical History of Disneyland ©2005


"Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting (Snowfall)"

 Source: Recorded live at the Disneyland Resort ©2007


"Believe in Holiday Magic"

 Source: Recorded live at the Disneyland Resort ©2007


Trans-Siberian Orchestra: "Christmas Bells, Carousels, and Time"

 Source: Christmas Eve and Other Stories ©1996


Trans-Siberian Orchestra: "Christmas Eve"

 Source: Christmas Eve and Other Stories ©1996


First Call: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

 Source: An Evening in December ©1985


Louis Armstrong: "Christmas Night in Harlem"

 Source: The Christmas Collection: The Best of Louis Armstrong ©2003


Take 6: "Hark the Herald (Angels Sing)"

 Source: He Is Christmas ©1991


The Carpenters: "Merry Christmas, Darling"

 Source: A Christmas Portrait ©1978


Tori Amos: "Closing of the Year"

 Source: Toys (Original Soundtrack) ©1992



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